Live Youtube discussion with Daniel Dabek 7/28/2017

Hello Safe Exchange Community. I wanted to post a video here of our live YouTube discussion we had today with Safe Exchange Developer, Daniel Dabek. He was an excellent guest and it was a real pleasure to speak with him about the concept and development of his coin. We thought it would be important to share this information within the SAFEX community. We look forward to having him back sometime soon. Thanks!


Thanks for the invite, had a really good time to communicate with the Coin Talk community :+1: :+1:

Safe exchanges vision is changing the game of crypto. Highly support this. This should set the bar high amoung many others markets and will speak volumes in the crypto community. This is a solid vision and model that will grow into something huge.

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This was a great video! Here are highlights that caught my attention.
This is only my understanding of the video interview…

@dandabek please correct or clarify if anything I say is inaccurate.

  • You can use SAFEX coin to create a profile on the Chille Marketplace. This is useful for creating a “Brand Name” and build customer loyalty in the Chille Marketplace. Otherwise you’re anonymous by default.

  • Chille Network “Alpha Launch” is planned by early November 2017 or 3 months after SAFEX wallet release. Development deadlines are never set in stone.

  • SAFEX will merge into the Chille Blockchain. This means you can use SAFEX Coin in addition to Chille Coin to buy and sell services on the Chille Marketplace. Please keep in mind SAFEX holders earn Chille Coin dividends from “fees.” See next bullet point.

  • There is a “posting fee” for uploading a product or service on the Chille Marketplace. This is different from a “transaction fee” which transfers Chille coin from one address to another. I’m not sure how dividends are calculated for SAFEX holders.


Can I sell something and ask for Bitcoin or any other crypto for payment and just use Chille coins for the fee? Or is the only currency on the exchange that can be used as tender Chille and Safex?

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The “posting fee” is same as a transaction fee, so it gets lobbed into the mining reward, which ultimately gets shared with safex holders.

At this point in time, only Chille, can’t use Bitcoin.

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For both cases, why not accept any crypto, changing that for chilles (autobuy in Chille x crypto order book)?

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@uqaz, I don’t know at this time how to do that (use bitcoin in the chille blockchain, it’s not a simple matter)


Agreed.Definitely not simple. That would be a multi level block chain concept but It then would defeat the purpose of a secure open market place chille would provide since btc would be using that transaction on btcs blockchain. It will be perfectly feasable for people to trade or load their accounts with chille to use a secure block chain. Or maybe a buffer zone where you specifically trade btc for Chille to use the market place vs going through an exchange which keeps it in-house but I can see the difficulties in that concept itself. Overall it sounds like an amazing ideal that will continue to adapt to fit the needs of the consumer and user.

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@dandabek, it’s not to use bitcoins, directly…

Let’s say you need to pay fees or posting costs in chille coin market place. And you just have bitcoins.

The steps are i. With your bitcoin, buy Chille, ii. Use Chilles for fees.

What i’m saying is, instead of manually make the user do this, can it be automated? I mean, when you have to pay fees, 2 choises could be stated: i. Pay directly in Chille or ii. Pay with bitcoins (indirectly pay with chilles that would be bought with bitcoins placed in chille x bitcoin order book in the Safex’s Crypto Exchange section).

I think you did something like this with buying SEC in site, right?

Why I can’t send any of my sec coins from omniwallet to bittrex ? and i can’t also send any of my btc from bittrex to omni… wtf ? :slight_smile:

Great podcast, lots of good questions asked.
Very informative.


Regarding when you say Safex will be required as a currency to make a reputable account, will these Safex be taken as a ‘fee’(fee process) or will they be kept by the account or burnt and scaled into Chille as such? We know that you will receive Chille coins as the dividend from listing products and services on the market with Chille, likewise will these Safex be shared to holders as well, plus possibly more from other actions?

TLDR: With Safex be rewarded as a dividend as well as Chille? Or will Safex where required as a fee be burnt or?..

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In my opinion they should be “burnt” but can be redeemed at the expense of losing your reputation (the amount necessary should be not too high, economically sensible). Earning chille coins should persist.

Safex will not circulate in anyway other than its current supply.

No, safex will not disappear for any system requirements, only become encumbered.

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Finally saw this, thank you! Very nice video that explains the history behind that initiative.