Livecoin to migrated wallet address

I migrated my wallet and got my tokens which are in my new wallet address.
I bought some tokens from livecoin and withdrew them from my livecoin wallet over 90 hours ago and has been confirmed from their end that it was successful around 91hours ago. However it has not landed in my new migrated address.
Has anyone else come across this taking so long?
First time buying off livecoin so only bought a few to make sure it all went well as I wish to top right up.


I’m gonna guess you’re looking at the Migration Table in the v7 wallet and expecting it to update with the coins from Livecoin… it will not.

You need to install a wallet for the new Blockchain…

  • the v1 standalone wallet.
  • the wallet built in to the McAfee Miner.
  • the cli wallet.

Champion Aussiesloth , this was exact information and I can now see it. Thank you for the help


Hi, and welcome Jim. Great bunch here. Go sfx/sft