Livecoin "wallet offline temporarily"

Hi guys,
So I have bought some extra safex from livecoin about 105,000 but to my surprise I see the wallet is down right now and then to my horror I have noticed that there are previous posts saying the same thing going back weeks.
Is this just an intermittent issue? I really don’t want to lose these coins as we get closer to the deadline for migration. I am starting to feel somewhat concerned that this issue is not being rectified

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Hi Daveyboy. I will assume this isn’t a troll post, and answer with a real answer.

  1. Migration has nothing to do with the coins you’ve purchased. There are no Exchanges selling the old Safe Exchange Coins (ticker $Safex) anymore. So unless you hold Safex that you bought from TradeSatoshi, Bittrex or another website more than a year ago, you don’t need to worry about migration. The coins you bought on Livecoin are the Post-Migrated Safex Token (ticker SFT). It’s also possible you bought Safex Cash (Ticker SFX), but again, nothing to worry about with migration. Both SFT and SFX are on the Safex Blockchain already.

  2. Livecoin has been down for well over a month. They’ve been in communication with the Safex development team, and are working on a fix. While it’s always concerning to have coins stuck on an exchange, in this case, it appears that it’ll be fixed without issue. It just comes down to the amount of developer time Livecoin can dedicate to this.

I have a lot of SFT and SFX on Livecoin, and I haven’t seen anything to make me worried yet.


hello daveyboy

I understand that you’re worried, the wallet temporarily disconnected, but it’s not temporarily is constantly as I could see
should respond to this

livecoin clearly states this message

“Developer or official representative of an asset has the right to temporarily close deposits/withdrawals/trade of his asset.
Please, do your own research of coin developer reliability and market prospects of the assets you are planning to trade in. The Exchange is not liable to conduct research and provide guarantees for the quality of assets or the developer reliability.”

Because of this message Livecoin has to answer Dan or his representative to your situation
I hope so too because I also have a similar problem, let us trust in the solution to the problem with the answer of Dan or whoever corresponds.

Let us hope for a solution for the good progress of the project.


Ah, thanks to both of you, nope, not trolling, I thought that perhaps the name had changed since the migration does not finish until the end of November. Well in that case I shall patiently await progress and transfer my actual safex coins to the migration wallet.

hello ihsoyiKiyoshi

I’m glad you’re not worried about your sfx sft.
but your answer doesn’t match livecoin’s message.
I’d like to know your response to the contradiction.

@noscorreo what’s livecoin’s message that you are seeing?

huh? there’s no message there about Safex

If you are trying to figure out more details about why it’s temporarilty disabled, here’s a screenshot from Rich.

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Yes - if you have Safe Exchange Coins that you previously held, you can safely migrate them. The next migration script is being run September 7th. (i.e. if you perform the migration today, it’ll officially be sent over to the Safex Blockchain on the 7th). If you do the migration after September 7, you’ll have to wait until the next batch, which is likely in the next couple of weeks.

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is a message that corresponds to all currencies not only to sft sfx

It seems that the problem of the RPC is resisting to be solved, because even with the progress made is still not obtained the solution, are many days already elapsed, I hope it will not be much longer, thank you for notification of the solution when there is.

I am not a troll, nor do I intend to push, I just want to sell or buy freely in livecoin despite the limited liquidity available.

Thank you for the answers.

No problem.

The delay is frustrating for sure.

I’m just trying to be positive since Livecoin has been working with the Safex Developers to fix it. If they were silent on this issue and not corresponding with the Safex team, THEN I’d be flipping out about this!

For now, it seems they have good intentions.

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Apart from selling and buying freely, I hope not to lose confidence in Livecoin or Safex or both, I hope these do not maneuver trying to manipulate the price or liquidity.


I hope a tornado doesn’t doesn’t hit my house and leave me without power.

It’s unlikely that a tornado will reach your home.

I hope my message has the same probability
and that this one does not remain dead waiting for answer of Safex or Livecoin that finally already have solved the problem of already a month ago or more.:sleeping: