LiveCoin Withdrawls

Does anyone else have trouble withdrawing from Live Coin? It seems their wallets are offline. I got a response on Twitter but I’m not sure if this account is legit or not. The account seems like a scam:

Livecoin nodes are offline. They did not give an eta to fix

Live Coin is relevantly new to safex, and firstly sending tokens or cash to an unproven exchange and then note withdrawing is a problem without investigating the cause is unprofessional, every exchange has its tooting problems and there was plenty of warnings about Livecoin when we were listed, so just be patient

Is LiveCoin an unproven exchange?

The website directs us to buy from there without giving that kind of information or warning.

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All exchanges are unproven

Livecoin is fine. I have purchased numerous times on it and no issues. But like ANY exchange, they have maintenance on the wallets. Even the beloved xcalibra had issues at start and like livecoin, being dealt with. There nodes will come back online and they will be fine.

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It’s possible LiveCoin saw the commits pushed to Master branch on Github and assumed they needed to update and recompile (which they didn’t need to do). The Safex team has been in touch with them to get this resolved.

Also, @SafeTripHome I think that that Twitter account might be a scam as well. I would not send any information to them until the real LiveCoin accounts confirms they are legit. I’ve asked them to confirm, and they haven’t yet.


Thanks Kiyoshi.

Yes same issue here, cannot withdraw my SFT and SFX. Answer I got from support on their website:

SFT and SFX is temporarily disabled. It will be available when we make sure that everything works correctly.”

Whatever that means. Quite frustrating and honestly makes me a bit nervous.


Thanks mate! Much appreciated.


I’m personally on top of the LiveCoin communication between their devs and our devs. We’re on top of this. It’s just taking a little longer than expected but nothing to worry about.


Any update on this front?

Thanks in advance

Withdraw is available, just sent my tokens

LC Deposits & withdrawals are offline again currently, anyone know why? :cry: Hopefully not down too long this time around I really need to be able to deposit and withdraw from there.

Yeah, no one can withdraw or deposit.
This is just crazy, what is going on?

Was explained in last weeks update…