Lost my bag on livecoin

i can not belive it why dan did not try to list safex on a good exchanges , cryptopia . tradesatoshi now f c king livecoin . i lost my heavy bag on livecoin sfx about 100k and 418 k safex token ! what should i do ? it was my saving life money . i lost them .oh my god , safex was my only holding bag , i didnot know livecoin before safex . you said major exchange paid ! which exchanges ? i sent more 100 emails to livecoin support ! i do not know what should i do , i am very sad and upset , excuse me for poor english skills .

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Number 1 rule in crypto… not you keys, not your coins

Leaving coins on exchanges longterm is always risky, due to hacks, etc.

I also have some SFX in limbo with the LiveCoin hack, because I got slack with my most recent purchase.

We can only hope that the exchange owners regain control of their systems again.


i think i lost my money on this shitty exchange .

Not dan’s fault, I’m responsible for my coins. Sorry for your loss.


I am down also 400k sft and 150k sfx on livecoin. I’m disappointed in myself for not having withdrawn them when I had so many opportunities to do so.

We have xcalibra.com where you could have had an account. Many people choose livecoin because of no kyc, which is ok, but things like this might happen. Livecoin was listed nearly two years ago.

New exchanges are arriving as well, but of course it is never a guarantee something won’t happen to them, think of also the biggest exchanges face some kind of hacking sometimes in some moment, so the only way to be sure is to withdraw coins as you buy them, or accept the chance of them being risked.


I also advised an individual to remove his coin’s 300k after I insisted it was time to move them he forgot his access code for withdrawal, waiting the grace period the system got hacked, upon informing him of the situation he admitted his mistake as his spirituality required him to do so. I also know of two others who had them on Livecoin to dump when they felt the time was right one guy lost 600k the other 100k the individual who advised them, also explained to move them but they wouldn’t listen.


I lost a potential small fortune that I was having fun trading, but you got to keep your majority of assets in wallets. Still tickled over Safex, rebuy them.