LSK - Lisk

Never seen a coin down 100% before

LISK starts to trade on Poloniex, if anyone know some more info about LISK would be cool to read about it. For instance of what is the max supply?

LISK appears to be a platform for hosting decentralized applications, and compares to ethereum perhaps.


This is not strange at all.

On exchange, before launch there was only bid side available for placing orders. Sell side was not available at the same moment and that is where Polo made a mistake.

Since there was only bid side, first bid was set to buy 0.000x LSK (qty) for 447 BTC per LSK (price). That was first and only price on the market and marked by that on the graph (that is why you have that big candle on first trade) and will forever make whole graph unreadable. To get a clear picture you will always have to avoid first day of trading with LSK because to have high price of 447 and low price of 0.000X. That is the reason why first 24 hours of LSK price change will be 100%. Next hours after that will be high volatility data on price change and stabilization and real numbers will show up tomorrow. Then will price start rising again.

Max supply for LSK is 100.000.000 and distributed trough crowdsale to little lower then 5000 participants (5,5 mil usd). They use DPOS system with possible of 101 active delegate. At the moment they have more then 150 delegate proposals and LSK owners can vote on any of them to become active delegates. Active delegate will get first year aprox 150.000 LSK, next year reward is 130k, next year lower etc.
Delegates can be checked here

My opinion is that LISK is huge. Enormous! They have most used programing languages for blockchain technology implementation (javascript and html) what will have mass market adoption. This thing will spread faster then any other project just because every programer (self-learned or experienced) can use it right away.
They are using for main communication.

Any other thoughts on this subject?

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Awesome, thanks for shedding light on the project. DPOS is it their own implementation or Bitshares’ Graphene?

I’m guessing their own

I think their own…

But Bitshares should now use their method because it looks like people finaly get it right!

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So 6.6mln USD to 100mln coins sets their crowdsale price at:

$0.07 usd per LISK
0.000156 btc per LISK

making current market price of LISK on polo at about 4x

something like that yes. my calculation was around 0.07 usd per coin. That is because I said it wrong upthere - it was 6.6 not 5.5 mil usd… Sorry for that

this is huge ROI right now and I see that market is strong bullish about it.

Manny financial magazines wrote about it so as I see it, they also have mass media attention:

Lisk will be one big thing in this crypto community because they got their company under control with CEO, CTO and 101 delegates (or directors as I see it)

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only if you’re a delegate you can mine the coin isn’t that right?

if its at 25m marketcap right now, it’s going to take some serious power to lift it higher, just my take on it

yup, only if you are delegate will get payed in LSK coins.

thing is that they have and others do not have is ver very strong community.

just checked this guys’s delegate proposal:

almost not possible to believe in this kind of things…

You see that there is a strong commitment from people to support the LSK network?

yes indeed!

Think Lisk as an Ethereum for little people. The idea is to low barriers to enter to cryptoworld, with java script language.

I think Ethereum is for monstreous dapp stuff, while Lisk is for cheap (and useful) apps.

I have a fair amount of LSK from the crowdsale. I’m still in shock how that launch went!!! No windows or mac desktop wallets , online wallet not working. For a team that raised 7 mill? they really screwed up!!! LSK was set to pump hard , imo it still will and soon just maybe delayed slightly :slight_smile:

Comparing to Ethereum, the minimum price of Ethereum was 2 x ETH ICO price. Lisk, til now, is the same.

Made a small review of what happened on first day of LSK trading if someone is interested on this topic…

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Nice call @ivglavas

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LISK overtakes ETH in trading volume on poloniex

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Lisk goes to .012 and then retraces

looked like fomo profit taking to me (that feeling you might never have a chance to get out of your trade again)
together with bitcoin going up some percents today

I am not sure about this slight correction. LSK is at 38.2 fib. support and kinda new on market. Too manny people invested at start to let price fall more. Also, BTC and LTC going up, market takes LSK like ETH version of LSK…
Tomorrow DAO will take on market, what I think is a bad idea. They used fake inflation to push price up (1:100, 1:110, 1:150 ETH per DAO etc) and first day after ICO listing is very bad idea. Investors already know what they expect from DAO and there is no new news but only old stories + millions of new created tokens…

Prediction (no expert, just market observation): Tomorrow ETH slumps, BTC and LSK rising together…

Will make one more article on what to expect tomorrow and post it here again :slight_smile:


further progression in LISK - FOMO profit taking continued… yikes