Mac McAfee Miner: Create New Wallet File

I’m using the Mac version of the McAfee miner. When I create a new wallet file, create the password and then save the file to a location it creates 2 different files. One is a .keys file, and the other is just a text edit document. The text edit document appears to be encrypted when I open it and the .keys file isn’t a recognizable file. I’ve tried saving them to a flash drive and they appear as terminal files.

I guess I was under the impression those files would have an unsafex file showing new pub and sec addresses.


They’re encrypted. The Safex blockchain operates in a different way to the old Safex/BTC blockchain, in how wallets etc are restored.

You can restore your keys at any time with the wallet files you’ve mentioned. It’s 100% important that you keep these files and ensure they’re secure and backed up.


Ok thanks Rich!

I think a button “show keys” could be added in case you wanted to expose the keys to save somewhere


That would be nice for a future revision. I like to back up my keys on paper too.

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