Major Exchange Listings

I do believe in safex, the vision, the need for it, the real world use case of it, and all that. However, I feel this exchange subject needs to be addressed, and I hope to find others in the community that share the same thoughts.

Is it on Dan’s radar to seek high-volume exchanges that treated the value of safex well like Bittrex and Cryptopia did in the past? These two exchanges were most likely how the majority of Safex community were introduced to the currency. These sketchy small exchanges like Coindeal and Instantbitex personally make me feel uncomfortable to use for anything crypto related.

We used to see multi-million volume from these past exchanges, and that is also a big determining factor in attracting newcomers to Safex. A Binance listing would be golden. I am hoping the focus is ultimately being listed on major well-known exchanges such as Binance.


So true but it’s also true that before you can approach a top tier exchange safex needs to secure the blockchain with enough mining power.
I wish we would see volumes of Bitrex again but I fear this ain’t gonna happen for a very long time.

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Does anyone know why the safex token is not getting listed anywhere? I don’t understand why such an important aspect of this project gets ignored?

Dan seems to be intentionally ignoring this question. He only “liked” this post.

Bigash, Safex used to be listed on a top tier exchange called Bittrex, and there was nothing, no team, not even a wallet when it was listed on there. I’m curious as to how Dan managed to get Safex listed on Bittrex, a major volume exchange, with little to show back then. Maybe he could answer that here?

Like many others, I bought Safex during early 2017 because it was listed on Bittrex and Cryptopia. My investment felt secure because of these two exchanges. Dan as you replied to me (before you also banned me on reddit for no reason specified), you refer to Safex as a “cooperative” crowd sourced venture. The majority of the people crowd sourcing this venture want Safex to be listed on major exchanges. That is what brings value. That is what brings newcomers. That is what drives speculation. How are you going to “prepare for the next bull run” when Safex is listed on small exchanges that equal to 3k daily volume, if we are lucky?

Dan has a tyrannical approach when his questionable ethics are on the spotlight, as he shown to me on Reddit.


If you knew a bit of history then its obvious, and thats why no one is answering such a basic question.

Bittrex was growing and before all the crap about coins are or are not securities Bittrex was listing so many coins it was laughable. So no wonder safex (on omni protocol) was accepted simply because it passed the (easy) criteria they had back then.

This forum has little activity, and I only posted the question an hour ago, yet you were the first to respond to my “basic question”

You have been around for the safex project since the crowdsale haven’t you? I came around when Bittrex already listed Safex. Nobody gave me a history lesson on Bittrex listing Safex. Not sure why you’re being an asshole to me as if I am expected to know this sort of information, considering YOU were around in 2016 for the SEC crowdsale.

Thats because I was not being one.

You didn’t know the history and I informed you that knowing history was the answer to the question and gave the history.

What I saw was what seemed a quote of a question asked some time ago and not answered so I responded that way. Sorry if it was first asked one hour ago.

My apologies. The way you worded the “if you knew a bit of history” sounded a bit aggressive.

Is there a date when the version 8 safex wallet will be available to download, so that the safex holders have the opportunity to buy or sell safex tokens. I see that there is a small quantity of safex cashed being traded on the Coindeal exchange.
Regards Joe.

Of course it’s on his radar, exchanges with high trading volumes will benefit us all.
In this case, maybe it’s best to sort out problem we’re having with the network before we proceed with exchanges, otherwise it will be difficult to get listed.

(Almost) all big exchanges (100m+ volume) are expecting:

  1. Coin to be listed on coinmarketcap
  2. Stable network
  3. Big amount of cash or crypto (like 20, 30 btc).
    So, in order to become “relevant” coin/token needs to fulfill these conditions plus specific ones.

I think it is good that stabilizing network is addresed. It will definetely take time to grow and become big enough, but we are moving in right direction. Also, we don’t know if safex cash is in the process of getting listed on coinmarketcap.
Anyway, I suppose that they are also checking hash rate.

I think it’s prudent for me to add to this thread as it’s been discussed many times on all the platforms.

Getting on an exchange isn’t as simple as "just applying". There are a lot of factors that need to be considered here:

  • Is the coin listed on CoinMarketCap? This is a genuine question asked by exchanges.

  • How stable is the network? Many exchanges are cautious about listing new coins, especially after this week’s ETC 51% attack - the exchange lost money due to it.

  • How much are they willing to pay? Something rarely considered by the community. Remember, Safex is a grass-roots projects, not some highly pumped ICO.

Is the coin listed on CoinMarketCap?

Addressing point one - this is being worked on. Dan and the team are in communication with CMC to get Safex Cash and Safex Token listed on CMC. This will give some much-needed attention. However, there are many loops that must be jumped through until they play ball. Remember how much effort we’ve put in for them to correct the Safe Exchange Coin circulation error?

How stable is the network?

It’s a new blockchain. It’s growing and adding new nodes and miners to the network every day. We of course need a lot more to add to this network for long-term sustainability.

Plans are put in motion to build two large mining facilities in two different countries. The designs are being made so others can replicate the same framework in their location also.

Not many people appreciate this part of the project, but it’s a part that needs a LOT of attention and focus, and needs time spent on it.

If you look at a lot of the coins on these “high volume” exchanges, they’re all piggybacking off a high-hash network, like Ethereum. They don’t have to worry about this kind of thing.

We’re different, we can’t fulfil our mission statement if we’re relying on a 3rd party network. We need our own network – and the network needs a lot of attention. It’s not something that can be left and forgotten about.

How much are they willing to pay?

It’s no secret that these exchanges charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single trading pair listing. Safex isn’t one of the 2017 pumped hyped ICO projects. They don’t have millions in ICO funding to just throw at exchange listings (This is also a reason why exchanges charge so much – because these ICOs just threw huge money around).

So, for Safex and Balkaneum, a lot must be considered for a listing. They need to ensure their money is being spent correctly, and it’s strategically positioned for the various target markets that will be tapped into in the early days.

That being said, more exchanges are coming. It’s a difficult position because not much can be said about them due to NDAs and other aspects. However, they are coming.

The whole “we need the volume Bittrex / Cryptopia gave us” is a none argument. If you actually look at the overall volume of CoinDeal, you’ll see that they’re at the SAME trade volume of Bittrex during the majority of Safex’s listings. It’s only during the Q4 2017 bull run that Bittrex’s trade volume shot up.

Let’s compare:

CoinDeal’s Trade Volume

  • 24 Hour - $6.5m
  • 7 day – $16.8m
  • 30 day - $128m

Instant Bittex Trade Volume

  • 24 Hour - $4.4m
  • Unfortunately can’t find 7 and 30 day volume

Cryptopia Trade Volume

  • 24 Hour - $1.7m
  • 7 day - $5m
  • 30 day - $37.5m

We’re missing a MAJOR aspect to this dialogue - market conditions. We’re still trying to compare things to that of the late 2017 bull run. The market has changed. There is no denying that.

The age of when a simple logo change pumped a coin 5000% are over.

It’s a different dynamic right now - nothing we can do about it. We just have to get our heads down, develop the product we set out to do, and give to the world what we’ve made. No amount of suggestions, complaining or shouting will change market sentiment. It’s just how it is right now.


Thanks for addressing this issue @Rich.bate
Putting pressure on team without understanding changing circumstances it operates in, is ridiculous and unnecessary. You can’t complain about every coin that hasn’t made you enough to get you an overnight Lambo.


To be listed on coinmarketcap, you need to be listed on an exchange and to be on an exchange, you need to be listed on coinmarketcap. I wonder how the other projects do that.

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There are exchanges out there that don’t have the “you need to be on CMC” requirement. So you go for those first, build the volume, then put a case to CMC for listing.