Make node sync easier

People with low spec pc struggle to sync their nodes fast enough, if a copy of the blockchain database would be hosted by a trusted subject and updated time to time this would simplify the usage.

Just my 2safex


Yes. Monero have a similar “bootstrap” style offering.

You’d have to make sure that it’s kept up-to-date (monthly?) and the the file uploaded matches and PGP signatures assigned to it.

I couldn’t imagine it being too much trouble to organize. @dandabek any thoughts? Similar to this:


Would be great, monthly seems quite doable. For reference i just downloaded the blockchain yesterday and with a 20mbps 8gb ram and 4770k took little more than an hour, but for some others took as long as half a day or more. Also this solution could be ideal for marketplace users that want a local node for their wallet, much faster rather than syncing.