Manual buy process?

In the video of the demo from Tel Aviv, we see the following:

  1. $40 cost of t-shirt in USD
  2. Cost of t-shirt in SFX (automatic conversion at spot rate)
  3. The steps on how to buy it.

“You would be able to click ‘buy’.”
“You would be able to send money to this address.” (a full SFX address is shown)
“And if you send the correct amount of Safex Cash, then this would be marked completed.”

So many questions. Two two biggest ones are:

  1. This seems to be a web-based storefront, using a p2p transaction. If this is p2p, would the specific transaction in this demo provide the 5% revenue share?

  2. If this is the process that will be in the Sails wallet, is it really a manual process where you need to manually send over the right amount once you click “buy”? Hopefully it’s all integrated and you never need to know the seller’s sfx address?


Link to video:

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I got the same feelings while listening his words, also maybe there is no function yet because in the last update: Marko will now begin addressing the sell offer transaction, from here is the listing of products. so he showed a demo that works in a different way from what the actual marketplace will do.

If we only had a paper describing how the marketplace will be structured…

One thing is sure, it’s not a valid user experience to require the customer to copy address and amount to complete the payment, lol.


Yes because it is wired up with the blockchain, including all information is pulled from the blockchain.

The web aspect is generic code, there is no intended server running except the decentralized blockchain, and to interact with that it has to be transaction based and entitles the fee.

Easiest integration from the wallet itself. On the Sails you must be able to simply click buy and the transaction is prepared on the spot for you. Also magnetic links on webpages that fill in the blanks on the Sails wallet will be very helpful.

Once it is put together we will write the document known as the white paper.

The internals of this demo are in use for the development team, it is the best way to describe the app in code, and in the process defined the data structures needed for the marketplace functionality.


Thank you for clarifying @dandabek