Market Crash massive opportunity for SAFEX to Shine

The Biggest bubble in history of crypto coins can be very profitable for SAFEX coin.
Bitcoin and all the ALT coins are under doudt FUD , i don’t know if the bubble already burst or not but every investor and day traders have in mind that Bitcoin is dead , yep it is dead.Bitcoin was the start the DECENTRALIZED economy but it wasn’s . BTC is and it will always be centralized by miners , moreover it is traceable and so slow .
So why using BTC and alt coins while you can’t really buy anything at all…And here is coming the SAFEX Blockchain with ultimate ANONYMITY, NON TRACEABLE plus you can really buy anything you want , e-commerce,advices from experty,ebay stuff.Whatever you want with a great advantage VERY LOW FEES and totally decentralized.You can trade and buy anything you want without limits (ex.i want to sell alchohol on EBAY but i can’t …well now with SAFEXi can !!! ) .
I hope people understand this great opportunity and realise that SAFEX coin is not the new BITCOIN but better than BTC and can really change our future .

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Also not a fan of your terminology. As a german it always has a bitter taste to it. Why don´t you just refer to the Banks which is what we are really fighting in this revolution. Crypto is here to liberate ALL people from the oppressive financial system no matter what religion, ethnicity or background.

I do not know you and your believes but comments like this could easily be mistaken for antisemitism which can shed a bad light on our community (which I experience as one of the more level headed ones in the cryptosphere)


I see your enthusiasm, and I guess you are right, safex is a great opportunity and it is not the same as bitcoin.

BUT Bitcoin is far from being dead. It’s just a bigger correction, fired up by announcements of states and companies… But after the rise of the last month I see nothing scary on this correction - it’s still way higher than November.

The same for altcoins, yes there are a lot that will eventually loose their value for good, but there are also many that have great projects behind them and they should success as well as safex. We do not need to lessen them for safex.

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It sounds very good tbh. I do have one concern though.
I really hope people won’t sell any land mines or in some way or another very dangerous stuff in the marketplace (such as unknown and backed up explosives, infected/contagious food, liquid, etc) …
Safety always comes first.

Also, bitcoin exists and is not a project. After safex transpose this barrier the game begins

Bitcoin is like an old grandpa: slow, high maintenance and stubbornly refuses to die :rofl:

Safex is the next big thing. It will deliver everything that Bitcoin failed to do: true anonymity, scalability, low costs…

Can’t wait to see Safex marketcap over 1bn milestone :slight_smile:

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There is always a battle between the STATE (and its extreme totalitarianism - belief that they are the final authority in everything: raising kids, purchase of goods, civil union) and absolute wilderness that is no control at all. We are living in a moment where state tends to take more and more control, and not always for the good. Because state is run by ppl after all, and sometimes very bad and stupid. So, crypto is a jerk in the other direction, just a reminder to the instruments of state that we still have freedom. This is a way of us fighting back.

I couldn’t agree more. I am certain that slowly but progressively our generation will move to a cashless system and we will live our lives as independent individuals.

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Government controlled cashless system is a biggest evil that can happen.
But non government, decentralized and private money is what I believe will have the impact in quality of life like the industrial revolution had in 19th century.
And we are lucky enough to live in this time

Cheers to that :beers: @rooney_09

and Go Safex Cash!