Market perception

I don’t claim to be an expert but I am aware enough to understand the group think mentality which is prevalent amongst the smaller investors. When you take a look at any of the better performing coins, the constant is their relatively low supply ranging from the tens of millions to a few hundred million. In that respect there is some concern from me that when people see that the supply is in excess of 2 billion they are turned off this as an investment.

Could someone clarify why it made sense to have such a massive supply? I am sure I am missing something here in my own understandings of the mechanics at play so would appreciate the input.

In most programming languages the largest number an integer value can hold is 4 bytes, which is the value 2 raised to the power 31 (i.e., 2^31) equivalent to 2,147,483,648. A byte holds 8 bits so 4 bytes holds 32.
In digital electronics the first bit is raised to the power 0.
The second bit to the power 1 and so on (i.e., 2^0 = 1; 2^1 = 2; 2^ 2 = 4, etc.). Eventually, 1+2+4+…=2147483648.
The Chief Architect and CEO, Dan Dabek, wanted every person alive in this world of approximately 2 billion persons to be able to own at least 1 Safex Coin.
Dan wanted everyone to have the opportunity to be a part of Safex.

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I think that the coin count will increase safex adoption rate in the future.

There must be some other concern maybe that coin prices are not “mooning” yet is it really so productive to compare say “success” of a value of 4 to a value of 1… for instance if some other coin with 10m coins is 100m and the other coin is 25m that there is something wrong with the 25m coin? it does not mean that.

What will be said when safex is 400m and the 10m coin is still 100m? How come safex is not the same valuation of Apple stock, is it the coin count?

I am not talking about from my perspective, merely coin supply influences interest. You can see this on the more popular coins.

One of the benefits to having a large coin count is that the “wealth” of the project can be distributed across a broader base of investors, as the lower price associated with the asset makes it much more likely to have an appeal to a broader base of investors.

In the case of SAFEX, which is on course to become a Marketplace, the more “investors” you have the greater marketing & communications power you will have about the marketplace. As the “early adopters” of the project, the investors will play an instrumental role in bringing buyers and sellers to the marketplace. Broader distribution of voting privileges opens the door for more ideas to flow into the project, rather than only a handful of ideas and creative thinking about SAFEX, this project will have an abundance of input from a host of individuals wanting to see the project achieve success.

This is where Crypto-assets, imo, are asking us to look at investing from a very different perspective. SAFEX is inviting a broader base of humanity to be part of a new approach to business, a cooperative ownership structure that invites investors to not only invest “cash” in a project, but their wisdom, insight, understanding, knowledge, and so much more. SAFEX literally represents a socio-economic experiment in a 21st Century context. The more we can lean into this, the more “investors” we have to lean into the inquiry and the SAFEX prototype, the more this project will appeal beyond just “how much money can an investor make.” We are, in quite a number of ways, standing on the doorstep of the next iteration of how humanity may “do business” and how investors may ultimately invest in projects.