Marketplace trade volume

Hello fellow Safexians. There is one thing that bugs me recently and I thought I ask here. In the articles by Znffal or Ivana Tudor the predicted trade volume of Safex Marketplace for 2018 is $500 million. I realise it is just a prediction and everything can happen, but are we talking about callendar year Jan to Dec or tax year which ends in april 2019? I couldn’t find it anywhere. Maybe you guys know? Or maybe @dandabek himself? :wink:


I’m not sure because Blue paper was published in January. But, as I understood from @znffal article that was prediction for one year volume. One way or another, it is going to be huge. :sparkler:


I think ITS one year calendar. But It doesnt Matter. ITS Just a guesstimate anyway. And i think ITS way underestimated


Go go go! Brace yourselves for the blast!


Our expectation is that within 6 months of a marketplace established we could reach a 500m$ trading volume. It is a speculation of course; however, it is based on research the Safex Team has done and the conclusion was that if we do what is necessary to promote the marketplace and enough people even just “try” it then we would likely have a results of around 500m$ worth of products sold over the Safex Blockchain.


Thank you for making that clear

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