Marketplace/ wallet features


  1. Will there be a feature where Safex tokens placed in escrow under a certain smart contract also earn dividends? (Example: 18 year running smart contract for e.g. lending purposes?).
  2. Would it be possible to receive Safex cash in another address than the one where the Safex tokens are locked in?
  3. Will there be an option to track transactions if someone chooses to make transactions available by choice?
  4. A transaction by two parties will be subject to market fee. Will the tokens of these people also be credited with dividends if the transaction originates from the same address where both token and cash are located in or are seller & buyer excluded from this?
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  1. Daniel will need to answer this, but no suggestion of it has been made and its doubtful since the locking mechanism proposed seems to be enough.
  2. Not proposed and would increase complexity. So I doubt it very much
  3. The method of making them available is the key here. If a mechanism is introduced to make them available then its only logical to have a way to track them, otherwise they are not really available are they.
  4. NO. Only locked in coins will earn
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