I’m very excited for what’s coming down the line with Safex!

I’m curious if there is any update on vendors and products lined up to be featured on the Safex Marketplace.

Apologies if I’m getting ahead of things as I know the blockchain launch, successful airdrop and proof of functionality are next in line, but the usecase is, undoubtedly, the most interesting part of Safex, to me.

Cheers to great success, Safex Team!


I would also like to know more about product and services that will be offered on safex marketplace. I saw many video but didnt find that particular information, but propably because they dont want to reveal such information too soon or maybe we just need to wait. There is still couple of months to launch safex Marketplace.

I also have my own products I would like to distribute on Safex marketplace I wonder what is entrance procedure and to whom I should contact with…