Maximizing Safex liquidity

Heard of wrapped crypto but not ptokens. Essentially pSFT and wSFX.

Saw this tweet and was curious @dandabek if this would benefit Safex for additional liquidity: to Safex @dandabek ?


I’ve seen a demo of this as it was also done for Safemoon; as I understood it, it is a way to be linked across all of the smart contract chains. The key is to have an origination point… so for example we post to ethereum a wsfx, then we can use ptokens which would mirror it across the other chains.

ptoken acts as an intermediary between those chains.

wsfx will be added to xcalibra and that’s when it will be launched… this is the plan


Any estimates for when WSFX is coming? :heart_eyes:


Right now the Safex project has matured to include it’s own Blockchain, it’s own exchange, it’s own one-click CPU miner, it’s own nonprofit foundation, it’s own for-profit marketplace embedded in a GUI (TWM wallet) and from a command prompt (CLI wallet), a new commercial enterprise (The World Marketplace, TWM Inc), website, and finally a wrapper for liquidity (wSFX).

A lot going on there! @dandabek is rolling out the xCalibra exchange in the US with the hope that it will soon be available in all 50 states. The plan is to make wSFX (code base already completed) available on the exchange. But the main focus is to release a new mobile wallet for TWM and a 2nd version of the desktop TWM.

With the release of the TWM mobile and desktop apps you’ll have onboarding of merchants. This will stimulate ecommerce and open up the opportunity for wSFX to live on other Blockchains so that these consumers can buy on the marketplace. I believe we should expect to see wSFX available immediately following the onboarding of new merchants once the new TWM wallet apps become available.


Pretty amazing. Cheers dan!