Maybe another branch of SAFEX?

Hello team!

I was talking to a friend here about creating interfaces between the real world and the crypto (Andreas Antonopoulos talks frequently about it, about how it should be more focused). And can you please consider this thought of mine?

Nowadays we have debit cards such as Xapo or Advcash. They are great, but there are cases that they can’t help us.

Let’s say you are a bitcoin millionaire and want to pay bills (utilities), how do you use your bitcoins? Today, you would have to sell them in an Exchange or OTC p2p, right? But don’t you think it is a little unpractical, expensive and dangerous (what if your government isn’t bitcoin friendly)?

So what if we have a section in Safex that would provide that, a way of people meeting and exchanging money flows? On typical Exchanges we have bid and sell orders, in this branch we would have two sides:

  • People wanting to pay bills with FIAT to acquire crypto and
  • People wanting to get bills paid, willing to send crypto

Thing is, you wouldn’t be restricted just to bills. Any service would do. A Uber plataform for microservices!

Maybe in form of auctions, maybe simple offers… what do you think?

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