Sugestion of another section in Safex

Hello team!

I was talking to a friend here about creating interfaces between the real world and the crypto (Andreas Antonopoulos talks frequently about it, about how it should be more focused). And can you please consider this thought of mine?

Nowadays we have debit cards such as Xapo or Advcash. They are great, but there are cases that they can’t help us.

Let’s say you are a bitcoin millionaire and want to pay bills (utilities), how do you use your bitcoins? Today, you would have to sell them in an Exchange or OTC p2p, right? But don’t you think it is a little unpractical, expensive and dangerous (what if your government isn’t bitcoin friendly)?

So what if we have a section in Safex that would provide that, a way of people meeting and exchanging money flows? On typical Exchanges we have bid and sell orders, in this branch we would have two sides:

  • People wanting to pay bills with FIAT to acquire crypto and
  • People wanting to get bills paid, willing to send crypto

Thing is, you wouldn’t be restricted just to bills. Any service would do. A Uber plataform for microservices and microtasks!

Maybe in form of auctions, maybe simple offers… what do you think?

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An interesting idea. However, in the next 2 or so years I expect SAFEX to get up and running - there is no telling how different the crypto-verse will be at that time.

For example, my dad owns a condo and rents it out in downtown Chicago. The kid who rents it is loaded in BTC and i have now convinced my dad to accept BTC instead of the normal rent payment.

I foresee in 2 or 3 years, FIAT may as well be dead. I think we’ll have to wait to see how the govt/crypto duality plays out, but your head is in the right place.


The space of cryptos will be different because Safex is up and running.

I agree with the blurring the line between “non-crypto” and crypto solutions and I don’t see why someone wouldnt have their cash for sale on the marketplace in exchange for Chille, or some kind of Bill Pay service in respective cities or countries.

Afterall many laborers would find us of the marketplace and gain income, this kind of services to deal with the real world IMO naturally would find their place among the growing community.


I believe you are too (come on, 2 years?) pie in the sky, maybe where you live things are more dynamic. But please understand that that are places with very burocratic “vices”. The cronier the society, the uninterested they are towards non Fiat solutions

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@uqaz being in Serbia I think gives me a perfectly clear view into that world you speak of. How things will evolve here will translate into method. I think picking a tough country to work on this, yet still making progress no one would ever dream was possible.

There are plenty of accomplishments for Safex here in Serbia that are still going unpublished to stifle a spur of insanity around the subject of cryptos in the region. (insanity meaning, people going crazy about opportunity without careful planning and moderation)

I think the way in which I’ve begun and been moving forward with Safex conveys stabile increase and willingness to mature into the leading force in the crypto currency movement. Rather than be a hare that loses by getting hung up at every slight gain.


@dandabek, very glad that you can picture it (That’s rare among crypto people that i follow). With this other arrangement in Safex, we can finally deal with fiat without KYC concern.

Besides trading goods, this could be another leg outside the crypto world. Safex is even stronger with this interface, please consider it in the future.

Moreover, providing crypto thru an easy and cheap way could help solving the damn spread (lack of liquidity, taxes, KYC costs) problem between crypto prices in poor countries. For example, here bitcoin (now 3.700 usd) is priced for 4.300 usd!!! I bet that in Serbia or Índia or Venezuela you also find similarities on this matter!

That section could bypass Exchanges! (Ok, that’s a bit pie in the sky lol)

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