Migrated token total

Hi all. I’m curious about the circulating supply of SFT. Is this the total of migrated tokens or is the total actually less because of all the ones who did not migrate over?

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Back in the day, the supply of Safe Exchange Coins on the Bitcoin blockchain was 2,147,483,647. Out of these coins 1,641,289,609 were migrated. Since the migration period is over, this number will not increase anymore. The total number of SFT on the Safex blockchain being 1,885,974,016 is higher than this migrated number because of a Safex Token Transaction Overflow in the past. See more details here: Safex Token Overflow: January 6, 2020. Therefore, the final amount of Safex Tokens on the Safex blockchain is higher than the originally migrated amount of Safe Exchange Coins but lower than the original supply of Safe Exchange Coins before the migration.

An interesting metric to monitor is also the total staked SFT number, which impacts staking rewards of individual SFT holders. You will be able to track it in the twm wallet and also here: http://www.safex.ninja/