Migration deadline firm?

I realize today is the last day to migrate, and we have had much time, but I am having technical issues getting a nominal amount of btc to do the migration due to lost authenticator codes for my account.
Dan, if there is any chance of having a few more days, I would appreciate it. I can’t be alone at the last minute with technical issues after reading the recent topics. Thank you.

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Migration deadline has passed, but we now have a 48hr grace period, to allow people who have last minute technical difficulties, to get it done.

But after the 48hrs, it is closed forever.


Thank you for the update, appreciate it. When you note 48 hours—where is the final deadline based from? For example I am in Chicago, and waiting on a bank transfer and account access. If the deadline is at 5 am Chicago time on Monday, December 2, I will miss it. Again, my own issues here, no one else’s problem. Thanks for any further information.

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It is 11:59 PM gmt-10 so Hawaii time, December 2


are you Jeffrey from Discord? look into migration support channel, I found a sweet soul who will borrow you some BTC.


Hi cryptooli, that is me–I just replied on Discord. I am all set as a wonderful community member sent me the amount I need for migration! Thank you for offering to help. Awesome being a part of this community.