MIgration done, but migration table does not appear


I made my migration yesterday, and migration table still does not appear.

I think I rushed setting the second half, but reset and did it again, waiting 1 hour between first and second half, and checked the transaction was confirmed.

One day after migration table doesn´t show anything. Can anybody please help me?

My old adress is 1JCjftAeCsjVZcRGMFKuzNcSKNyiYwAfSx

Thank you very much in advance.

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Perusal of your txns on BTC and Omni explorer shows that you did indeed rush things the first time, and failed to set the second half before your burn.

Subsequently, it looks like you have Reset and set both halves three times.

There’s an issue with the script that populates the Migration Table at present, so until fixed, your figures will remain at 0.

But the burn is done, and if you did indeed Reset and set/set three subsequent times, then imo it looks right.

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Thank you for your answer.

So I should not do anything else, right?

Thanks and regards

All I would do, if I were you, is install Orbiter v2 wallet and import new address.

Then after Dan next runs his Migration Script (scheduled for the 21 Oct), you SFT and SFX should appear in Orbiter after that.

Dan’s 21st is usually very late in the evening (his time) and could even be 22nd. So on 23rd, check Orbiter for your new coins.

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Yes, I got them in my orbiter wallet.

Thank you very much again.