Migration Failed?

I’ve read that the exchange of coins is a weekly process but it’s been well over that since I sent my Safex to the burn address exactly as explained in the YouTube video. Still nothing in my wallet.




The script to send out the coins on the safex blockchain is run once a week apparently


Exactly but…it’s been more than week. By several days.


Then @dandabek is the one to help you


Probably the second half setting got skipped; it’s common if internet connectivity is not best and if you managed to click setting 2nd half before your first transaction confirmed;

Nothing is lost, you just need to hit the reset button and do it again and dont rush through the buttons. of setting the address halves


Is this true even if I have a 16/16 confirmation on the coins being sent to the burn address?


Yes this issue arrives when you skip the second step by moving too fast.

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Ok, I don’t think I did that. I followed very carefully but I did what you said. I hit reset and started again…only now it still says I have 0 Safex. So…there’s nothing to migrate. and of course I won’t get my BTC fees back.

So I’m missing 50,000 Safex now. Really interested in your thoughts on this.


do you have see a migration table with an address there? on the right?

no worries its hard to really mess this up havent heard of anything 100% messed up before


It says migration table but there’s no address.

Good to know. I’m trying not to be worried.


So what now? I don’t have any Safex in the wallet, it says all were successfully sent to the burn address.
There’s no address under Migration table, it’s blank.


@dandabek I’d like a little more clarification on this?

It’s been two weeks now and my coins are still gone.


Where is the answer on this???

@dandabek and anyone else.

This doesn’t help me gain confidence in the team. You gave me half an answer. Asked a question and when I responded you’ve left me hanging for a week with thousands of my own dollars lost in the void.

Is this how it’s going to be? I’d just assume not be involved in that.

best way to deal with urgent matters is the community discord https://discord.gg/eSkuwc

Please don’t be upset with anyone; a lot of things happening all at once; it’s how it is in these stages.

I get that but if you knew how much that comes off as go ask someone else.

You started answering the question, I had expected to get the whole solution.

I’ll go to Discord I’ve just been continuously disappointed with this project.

It had such potential last year when I first invested.

It’s potential is not lost. In any way shape or form just because you are disappointed or make some comments.

Based on your comments you have expectations, and they are not being met, so maybe it isn’t for you to be here right now. You can come back when everything is “normal” when there is no effort on your part needed to figure or be patient.

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That answer is the problem. I don’t care about normal. People trust you with their money and you act like you don’t care even after I’ve spent weeks be very patient and be very polite. It’s not the sign of good ownership or business sense. All I want to know is where my coins went and how to get them back. Maybe someone else in this community cares about the people involved and will help me figure that out.

I’ll tell you this, I won’t be recommending anymore Safex users. I told them it was great for 13 months until right now. Because of you and how you view people who want(ed) to support you. I hope you reconsider how you talk to your investors someday.

:disappointed_relieved: :persevere: :sob:

I’m sorry but you are not my investor, your acquisition never put $$ in my hands, so would appreciate not telling me things like: my “business sense” or “good ownership” im not your monkey.
btw, just to get it straight you never trusted me with your $$

Now that’s clear: I’ve shelled out my own $$ on this project because I want to, not because I have to. I could be on a beach at any minute; yet I prefer to finish what I started. I won’t be put down because anything. I will not be forced into some demands because you bought something on the internet. Please even screenshot and warn anyone and everyone you can. That yes you can buy something online!

Btw next time feeling entitled etc, don’t worry about it; we will take care about letting people know about safex far and wide when the time is right.

you can not please everyone buddy, I hope you reconsider your approach when asking for help the next time you need it. :sunrise_over_mountains:

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