Migration in May 2019

Any idea when the migration script will be run again?

16th. Late evening Serbian local time.

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Thanks for the prompt response Rich.

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One Question, just to be sure because i have more than 10 Safex …

I migrated early when the wallet 0.07 came out. It shows migrated balance in green.

I have not downloaded any newer Version till then, but why is there a “Migration date”?

Am i fine?

Anything i need to do?

All the best


what happened?Today, not transfer SAFEX from tradesatoshi to my portfolio v.0.07? on Omniexplorer.info for safex transactions for 10 hours is the message “This transaction is unconfirmed. It is impossible to know the validity of an Omni transaction before it is confirmed in the blockchain. This is because the Omni Layer relies on the order of transactions within the blockchain to determine validity. Once the transaction is confirmed, balances will be updated accordingly and you will be able to verify its validity.”
Is this a global problem?

Might be stealing your topic here, but i have a question about the may migration.
I’ve been preparing for the migration on my safex account. I didn’t have many BTC in my wallet, so i transfered some, a bit more then the amount in the “you will need:” section in the final step. Yesteday it was around 0.00061000, so i tranfered around .00066 in case it went up. Today it’s around 0.00098! Why this sudden almost 50 % increase. Now i need to transfer more BTC, and pay the fees one more time…

If you’ve already migrated, there’s nothing you need to do.

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Send a support ticket to TS

BTC network fees are variable, and if you added more BTC dust, and the txn spot fee goes up and includes the dust, then you may indeed pay much more.

Send a nice, big piece of BTC (200k+ sats) to your wallet, and after Migration burn you can withdraw any remaining.

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Hi, so my old pre migration wallet has a dollar worth of Bitcoin left in it. I guess I just leave it there as a Bitcoin wallet ?

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That’s my understanding. You could do that or if you have a main BTC wallet you could send it there depending on BTC tx fees.

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I know how it works, been doing this for a long time. It just been a long since the fees change that much in a couple of hours… I just hate to need to sending back and forth wasting BTC…

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Just logged into the new wallet (v1.0.0) to check if the migration was successful. Happy to report everything worked as it should running on Ubuntu 19.04.

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there is a fee algorithm that is detecting the previous block’s fees. So it has triggered to the upside especially since recent increase in transaction count. (with binance being closed, and now reopened + huge price spike in bitcoin)

I was also a bit surprised to see I need 100k sats to reliably send a btc transaction. I’m just glad to be transitioning to using only Safex Cash/Tokens