Migration Milestone - First 10% of supply migrated!

I thought it would be good to start a thread about the first Safex migration milestone - 10% of the Safe Exchange Coin supply has been burned and in the process of airdropping Safex Token and Safex Cash to the relevant Safex Blockchain addresses.

Here are some quick stats!

  • At the time of writing this, 231,596,138 Safe Exchange Coins have been burned
  • Based on the current market price at Trade Satoshi – this is a little over $2m worth of Safex
  • A total of 965 burn transactions have been performed
  • Excluding the developer test transaction – it’s closer to 930 burn transactions
  • This gives us an average of almost 250K Safe Exchange Coins burned per transaction
  • The migration so far has been responsible for 2,260 transaction on the Bitcoin Blockchain
  • A rough average of 582 Safex Cash has been airdropped per migration transaction
  • A total of 539,227 Safex Cash has been allocated to airdrop receivers so far

Just some fun quick stats. Here is to the next milestone – 25%!

For those who are unfamiliar with the migration process - here is a useful video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kw9QhVimoyY


Let’s go! Onto the next milestone! :rocket:


I have stack of safex coins ready to be burned,
pretty sure we’ll be hitting that milestone in no time!


Ofc we are, the entire community is centered on migrating their coins rn


Personally I am waiting for the next wallet version coming out soon. Not in too much of a hurry.


Well I already migrated my coins, just want to be prepared when SFX get listed on Coindeal, it should be this month :muscle:


As we have already surpassed the 25% milestone and are currently at 31.48% or more like 32.46% (Bittrex) have we a new milestone in mind, I would like to think 50% by May end, also at the current rate, would it be correct in saying the block height will not reach 260,000 before migration deadline. If so, what will be the final date for migration be, @Rich.bate

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We’re aiming for 30th November. The exact block will be factored in a future safexd update.

You wouldn’t include the Bittrex balance as that would be considered “out of circulation” now. So, for now, we’re at 31.48% converted.