Migration schedule

As i understand the migration works only when “the script” is running. Is there any rigid schedule when it is on? I migrated my tokens 6/4/2019 7:39:28 PM and still they are not in my safex cash wallet. When can i expect it to happen?

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Which wallet app are you looking at? Have you rescanned the Blockchain? Are you sure you set both halves correctly during the migration process?

I it was my 3rd migration. 2 first went fine back in 2018. I used migration wallet 0.7. The migration wallet shows correct value of total migrated coins. Safex cash wallet 1.0.0 however does not. I did rescan twice.

There isn’t a rigid schedule, but they next one is up tomorrow so since you send on June 4th, you’ll be included in the upcoming one.

That is reassuring. Thanks.
Tokens finally arrived thanks.

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