I didin’t migrate my coins. Did I lost my money i have invested in safex? …

Unfortunately yes - you’ve missed the migration window of opportunity.

We have been reminding investors to migrate before the deadline for over twelve months.

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But that’s what the keys are for to get to these cryptos in the future. Some buy to sell in 20 years, and do not follow the market and information on a daily basis. They will be very surprised. Somehow you can’t sell old coins and get back the invested Bitcoins?

There’s a significant difference between a crypto “currency” (eg. BTC, ETH) and a crypto project Token.

A Token is often only a placeholder for launching of the project, and there will be a transition to the native coin as the project develops.

Buying coins in a project requires you stay informed of developments.

Safe Exchange Coin (old Safex) was a token on the BTC/Omni protocol and the Mainnet launch of SFT and SFX on the Safex blockchain in 2018 was the transitioning point.

A migration process was announced and more than an entire year was given for people to successfully complete that process.

That window is now closed.