Mine Difficulty

The mine difficulty double in the past two days and has increased almost 4 times since the mine started. Why does the mine difficulty increase so drastically?


It means that a lot of mining power has come to our network; for long term its a really good thing


It is a good thing but damn someone coming In with 1mh/s would that create a whale?

I see one person with 1 mh/s that’s insane

I know it’s from cloud mining but to me this seems to be a way to hash out as much as asic devices without having them.

1 mh/s is a lot for someone to have standing in his livingroom, but miningfarms could reach that. And if they are selling via Nicehash it goes into safex…

1 Mh/s is not that much when you thing about the fact that Monero has 500 Mh mining power

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This is true mex thank you

It really is a small factor… enjoy the low difficulty while you can lol