Mine Now Support SAFEX ! Mine to Moon

Hello ,

People we have a problem ! We need more mining activity.
We need to rise up the Hashrate for a safe Market Place Launch and fuction.

If you all start mining price has no choice but to go up

One Click Miner (prerelease but it works)

Solo Mining Windows :
In your preferred location, create a new folder: safexcore

In your Antivirus software, add the safexcore folder to your Exclusion List

Download the latest binary release of safexcore from the safex GitHub repository and save it to your safexcore folder.
When the dowload completes, windows will automatically prompt you to Discard . Click the dropdown to the right and select Keep .

Navigate to your safexcore folder. Your new file should be the only file in the folder.

On the file, right click - Properties and Unblock in the General tab.

Click on the Compatibility tab and tick the Checkbox beside “Run this program as an Administrator”.

Apply & OK

You can now launch the program and the blockchain will begin to syncronize.

This will take some time, depending upon your computer speed and internet connection. Once synchronised, you can begin mining.

where T = # of threads you want mining.
EASY Right ?

Also you can build your own operating system fully configured to mine Safex Cash.

The World Marketplace will create new jobs and income but is absolutely unsecure, vulnerable (to a 51% attack) and in deadend without the appropriate hash power.

Please start mining with everything you got , it 's very simple.
sfxos will work with pretty much any hardware.

Solo mining is the best way to help safex as pools are not necessarily the solution
we need more mining that is not. one single pool. (Because if the big pool doesnt update their nodes guess what you wont get a marketplace no matter what you try.)

If you already mine Help safex by Not Dumping your coins for nothing
Also do not use a pool when it reach more than 33% we want all the pools to have power.

Nothing good will come out of this without active help/participation.

We must put a wider effort on our part mining and promoting. (coding for developers).
If we really care to succeed with this , it will take doing things. It’s a great feeling to actually contribute, help and being part of safex in our way isn’t it.

Come On Safexians let’s do it

P.S. We need some volunteer developer to finish the one Click Miner Pre-Release , it’s almost ready but have some minor issues.

Mine to Moon Soon - Mine, Hodl and Promote that’s the recipe to success.
Thanks - Let’s Go SAFEX.


@ Athan Thanks for the easy instructions, super easy setup. I’m running my current pc at the moment to see how it goes. Toke 4 hours to sync the blockchain and mining @ 1.78 KH/s.


Can anyone tell me why i get this error. Popped up every hour overnight.

Is not an actual [ERROR], only a warning [WARN]

No idea what it means or why it occurs, but doesn’t seem to have any negative affect on function or stability of the node.

Okay sweet, thanks @aussiesloth :+1:

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