Mined a block... now what?

Looks like I mined a block with 29% effort and a reward of 270.
I have no idea how to read it. Does that mean I will receive 270 Safex Cash or that that was the total in that block and was distributed to everyone who was involved in mining it.
It is unlocked at the moment… which again I am unsure what that means.

Would appreciate any replies that point out what it all means!

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If you are solo mining, you get the entire block reward to yourself.

If pool mining, then it was simply your rig that found it, and the block reward will be shared amongst all miners on the pool in accordance with the hashrate contributions from each of the pool members.

We have an entire article on Safex mining pools on the blog (but blog is temporarily offline right now), which goes into much greater info.

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Thanks, I am mining on the AUS Safex.Ninja pool so that must be the total which would get distributed across all the miners as per % rate!

What about the locked vs unlocked ?

It takes 60 blocks (~2hrs) to unlock, before the block rewards are credited to all miner pool balances.

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Thanks again, so unlocked is paid out and locked is not.

Appreciate the reply and yeah I did try the blog earlier and got the 404 page.

Cheers, thanks again!

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Correct. Hopefully the blog will be back online soon. :crossed_fingers: