Miner disconnects/dropping of network

Hello All,

I’ve got 2x mining rigs (Ryzen 9’s). 1 has been running since late August and the other one for a month.

1 of them for whatever reason (the older one), the I.P address drops off the network. Once i realise this has happened (hash drops significantly from 20-24,000 KH/s to 10-11,000 per hour. I then have to reset the rig every time this happens. It’s happen 4 or 5 times now in the last month and I don’t know why.

Any idea as to why this occurs?

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Tried a different Cat cable?

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Yes, swapped the cable with my rig that’s running with no issues. Didn’t fix the problem.

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This looks like the same issue i am facing. Your network card suddenly drops.

There is 2 options:

  1. Keep on rebooting it when it happens until it doesn’t run anymore
  2. When option 1 dont work. Reinstall the whole Safex OS
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