mineSFX.com New mining SFX pool

Hey guys I started a Safex Cash mining pool. Pool is exclusively for SFX. Will be added to the one click miner next update.

Come Join us Mining !!!

Pool Blocks Charts
Nicehash and MRR Mining support
Low 1% Fee > SSL Mining
Minimum payout 1 SFX
Adjustable Minimum Payouts
Discord https://discord.gg/fFjHGe2

Any questions or if you need help setting up shoot me a message on here or on the discord.


Great to have another trusted Community member start up a pool.


Will you post the link to the one click miner and instructions Plz…I’m doing the mcaffee one and would like to switch…(its super easy is why…) I got website for the pool you posted…

mineSFX.com is not on the one click miner yet. Will be added on the next update.

I run the mineSFX pool. If you don’t want to wait you can download the XMR Stak mining program. There is a download link here https://minesfx.com/#getting_started . I can help you get started if needed. Just let me know.

ok.Thanks…will try…