Mining rewards

I’m new to mining. I’ve had the one click miner on the safexnews pool for about 24 hours and have only gotten about .39 safex. I have an i7 quad with hyper threading. The miner is set to 100% and my avg. hash rate is about 183 h/s. Am I doing something wrong? Or is this about what to expect the mining reward to be on the safexnews pool?

Are either of the two other pools that are available on the one click miner more lucrative? Any tips or advice would be appreciated.


you should report back your hash per second;

in 24 hours to get out 0.39 safex off of your cpu is actually an excellent result btw


On the pool website it said my avg was about 183 h/s

Oh okay, that is good to know.


Because mining software doesn’t submit your hashrate to the pool, you’ll see a slight difference between the miner and the hashrate. The pool has to guess your hashrate based on the results your miner submits.

With regards to which pool you should use. It doesn’t matter. If you’re submitting the same amount of hash rate you’ll get the same amount of reward over time.