Mining rig

Hi. Real noob question. I’m wondering about the components recommended for the mining of SFX.
For instance is the ram variable, say 2x8s instead of two times four? I noticed corsair has ram optimised for Ryzen. What is variable and what isn’t?

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I’ll caveat my answer by firstly admitting I’m no mining expert…

The SFXOS rig specs were simply the components designed to give a really economical rig, from a cost:hashrate perspective.

You could of course vary any component, but that will negatively affect either performance (if a lesser component) or cost (if a superior component)

The bigger ram will be more expensive than that spec’d in the guide, but should work equally as well, if not slightly better.


@Stevo All components in the SFXOS build are variable, I chose, reasonable price, competitive strength, ease to acquire as my benchmark.

You can swap the CPU for example for 3950x instead of 3900x. You can choose an x570 motherboard instead. There are quite a few variations; however, as @aussiesloth mentioned, there are many different factors that will come with changes, cost per sfx.

The build in the guide is fairly optimized for cost, though consider maybe you only want one rig at all, and don’t mind the higher price of 3950x and all that will happen is that “maybe” return on the purchase in terms of sfx will be longer. Or, maybe I am wrong, and SFX price went up rapidly, and in that case the better CPU would mean that you got your money back faster than the guide, and with your RAM since you gain sfx faster. than typically everyone else.

It’s at the end a dice roll, and the best policy is to have fun with this stuff, and if you’re willing report your findings!!


What company?

Looking for a mining professional so i can ask some questions about the hardware config. Anybody?



I suggest you open another topic in the mining category and ask your specific questions - or post them here already. I am sure they will be picked up by Dan or some miners in the community. Go for it.


Wil do, thanks!

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