Minor Update January 31, 2017

Greetings to everyone, it is great to be back in full swing.

I am putting out an update on the status of our production.

Recently I had announced that we will be receiving a new website that explains the announcement and path going forward for the Safe Exchange Community. This information is to be clearly described on the new webpage. The information graphics and copy has been completed, as well as a web application for vending Safe Exchange Coins to interested people.

The tasks at hand right now are CSS and placement of Copy and Images on the site. The goal is to deploy it tonight, though it will be definitely spill over into tomorrow to get it completed. Also, we should test it out as well, then It will be placed in mainstream promotion.

Following this website will be completing the Chille Blockchain website along with the development roadmap for its deployment. These should help us and others to understand what is all the fuss about in a neat and consolidated place.

The domain for the Safe Exchange Site will remain: http://safex.io
The domain for the Chille Blockchain Site will reside on: http://chille.io

I will be in touch when the Safe Exchange page is ironed to completion over the next several hours.

As always, thank you for your support and thank you for reading.



An update on the site deployment: I am integrating SSL and reCaptcha at this time. I will be in touch once it is deployed.


A preview if you’re watching the forum

&*refresh the page ;D

Still in need of a bit more time, in the last stretch; deployment always has its own new hurdles.


Writing this message from my cell phone… internet is down for me for the past 4 hours or so

Link didn’t work. Tested about 16h ago.

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Internet still down, but i turned on the app “doesnt take many commands”

… you still can not purchase yet need a little more configuring before that’s enabled on the live server:

For now you can check out the content:

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Hey man, looks nice! Very informative to a programmer of the smart contracts in Chille blockchain!

I believe that will be a page just for Chille blockchain itself (A page for common people (non-technnichal) to trade their stuff), right?

Man, again, nice page, very easy to understand.

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The focus of this website is to explain the value proposition of Safe Exchange Coin.

Another page will directly speak only about Chille Blockchain.

With this website, I hope it will help to explain to new people what we are building and how they can get involved.

What it will do (https://safex.io) is sell to someone safe exchange coin for bitcoins for a slight markup. Then it will rebuy from the exchange automatically the same amount. I will be able to use the % extra to support myself and the team that I am cultivating around us while finishing Chille.

So I do hope that everyone will be able promote this site and it will help to bring someone in on what is going on here with Safe Exchange. (this is much easier than telling someone to go the exchange)

When the site is 100% up I will post another update, for now while I am waiting to get back online I am just showing locally on the forum :partly_sunny:

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Still bothering you…

Don’t you think that 10% per transaction is too much? Is that the price for anonimity, in your opinion?

I don’t know, just asking how did you reach this number.

In time. Sorry, it is 10% of a fee, that still has to be defined… and… why doesn’t the cat cross that pool? Is he afraid of this opportunity? lol

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Actually you will see on the explanation of Chille Blockchain that the 10% transaction fee will be available to all developers. This will make an incentive to cause platforms to trade with us. Of course we will be first and have advantage, but we need to grow horizontally if we will achieve proliferation.

Do not worry, because you can not just simply copy code and expect everyone will use it, so Safe Exchange Client will be the most used one as long as we keep it updated with what the people want.

Internet back online again!! by the way

there’s the internet going back online btw ;D


Keeping in touch with everyone, The database is connected, I am building up an admin panel to manage purchases through the site.

The Safex Site is up at https://safex.io

I will open purchasing tomorrow night, and begin promotion of the project fully from that time.

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday and looking forward to our continuation of success and improvement of trade around the world!


What will be the price of SEC? Will it be updated to Bittrex price or is it a fixed price?

Good luck with the new project.

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@josafex, There is a program that calculates the price fro the bittrex order book and charges a variable markup of some %.

The price is determined at the time of purchase.

Once a successful purchase is made, another program will repurchase from the exchange the same quantity of coins that were sold.

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https://safex.io is alive; tutorial video incoming today with a formal update

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Hey, just a minor feedback.

I sent safex.io link to my friends and they’ve suggested to enhance pages view to smartphones (of course i’ve explainned that page was under construction and for investors).

I think i made a good job on explainning them what’s about! Let’s see.

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Yes I was looking also last night, and that was my comment in my mind; I need to refactor the site a few hours of work to make it show up differently on mobiles. It will be very wise to do so.

Thank you hugely for your feedback @uqaz!!