Mission, goals and partnerships

Many crypto projects sooner of later engage in partnerships to work together to reach their goals. Up to this point the community has asked many questions about exchanges, which in way is also a partnership, but this topic is not about exchanges or getting listed. I would like to better understand if Safex is open to partnerships and in which way. Of course knowing we are expanding in the ecommerce niche of crypto. I’m quoting the mission statement from safex.org:

Introduce practical examples of the fundamental concepts of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology. Educating the public and institutions about mining, blockchain consensus, wallet management, cryptocurrency commerce, community inclusion and outreach.

Two questions for the next five years:

  1. What kind of partnerships would benefit our mission, and
  2. For what projects or groups of people could Safex be an ideal partner?

Since the community has a potentially large network, knowing how Safex thinks about partnerships, we might contribute with more direction to the goals and mission of Safex, the blockchain engine of ecommerce.

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a partnership with Tesla , not only for selling cars and items on TWM but mainly solar panels and solar roofs for cheaper and eco mining.


I like that. It is also thinking out of the box in relation to partnerships. Not all partnership necessarily have to be in the crypto space of course. Although Elon Musk is pro-crypto of course! Anyway, a lot might come down to driving volume and sales again. I have also tipped a local car compagny to think about alternative ways of selling their cars and recommended Safex. An employee is now learning about Safex and already thinking ahead how it could work for them!


selling trading cards like Pokemon / marvel baseball cards. BIG BIG Prices cards can go for $200-$100k but I feel like with this type of items you 100% need good feedback. and 100% an Instagram or a company that can guarantee money back… if its a fake thats the most important most of these websites charge 15-20% to sell trading cards. But I don’t know thats just what I was thinking. Any thoughts on this? If these card traders start using this and one big trader jumps on it. it can start a whole new wave of people


Perhaps hardware wallet companies like Trezor and Ledger. I mean after that Ledger hack selling hardware wallets through Safex Marketplace might help restore their damaged name (obviously be important they be verified someway). It would also help bring those already in crypto into Safex. Perhaps a joint agreement on adding SFT and SFX to their wallets could transpire. Just thinking out loud.


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This could potentially trigger a hype, especially if they are attracted to the amount of divs in SFX from those (private) tx you mention, instant pay-outs…! Sooner or later ppl figure out: paying 20% and get paid in a few weeks versus receiving 5% and get paid instantly! Easy to make a choice, right? :wink:


Yes good to think out loud. Good ideas can become better ideas! I would recommend a hardware wallet for Safex Cash. I assume most ppl want to lock the tokens either in TWM wallet or in Xcalibra…


as is already being done, NFT sales would be good, but also regular collectibles

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