Mobile Apps: SFX mining & staking rewards

Hello Safex Community,

I made these apps based on own excel sheets and the open as app template program.

Dividend calculator:

You can calculate your earned SFX dividends in multiple currencies and different time frames based on the total percentage of locked SFT, your amount of staked SFT, the fee percentage and the yearly turnover on TWM.

Mining calculator:

You can calculate the profitability of your SFX mining based on the BTC and SFX spot price, current SFX total hashrate, your rig’s hashpower & electricity consumption and your electricity costs. You can calculate the amount of mined SFX in different time frames. You can calculate the amount of days until you have earned back the cost of your rig with mining profits.

Have fun and give me a feedback in the replies.


Nice to have the calculator, exciting times!!