As most of you know by now. The current State of Slack is a disaster. This has certainly got out of hand to the point i have to make a post about this.

A. Slack is a power tool to unite a large group of people to get behind a project in which can been as a direct representation of the project and community as a whole

  • Without Mods, Slack has degenerated to state of FUD and Trolling.
  • Without Mods, People are leaving and their money with it. More importantly attracting investors to replace them will fail due to the constant spam and trolling.
  • Without Mods, it reflects badly on the developers who obviously see this and do nothing about it.

There are people mimicking devs names who in turn spread disinformation and numerous people consistently talking about pumping and dumping. There are people in the community that are willing to help and combat the FUD but its getting worse every day.

Id like to think that you guys are working hard and want this to succeed however you are letting the community(foundation) fall apart around you.

I can not stress how important this is. I don’t understand why this hasn’t been on the to-do list.


@dankmeme It is definitely on the to do list, but realize the slack has grown 1,100 members in less than 21 days. Alongside developments and event traveling. We’re taking this all in strides.

Definitely an issue we have to address. Please understand we can’t just activate moderator privileges to every first person we don’t know yet.


Thank you for the quick reply and its quite understandable that there needs to be a level of trust.

With you guys working hard on the project I would suggest relying on the community to help where we can. There are lot of people willing and able. We are all in this together.


@dankmeme no doubt, I’m usually replying sooner. Been a busy couple of weeks behind me.

As for the community engagement, I completely agree and even seen an entire organized initiative for getting localization to the website and the wallet.

Our todo list looks like this:

  1. Package Binaries,
  2. Release Video with @molex,


  1. Move forward with site,
  2. Community Involvement

At this very second there is no time for a real interview for a moderator.