Moving sft from v7 wallet to orbiter v2 wallet

How do i move sft and sfx from wallet v7 to orbiter v2 wallet,
Thanks for any help


If you allowed 0.0.7 to create your new blockchain address during the migration process, then you were prompted to save the .txt file containing the new address and keys (2 x public keys: view & spend. 2 x private [sec] keys: view & spend)

You should’ve taken appropriate steps to save the file and create suitable backups (printouts, copies to USB sticks in a safe, etc).

{if you already had a new address before migration and inputted it to 0.0.7 for migration, then you would’ve already had the address and keys backed up somewhere}

Grab your .txt file info and in the Home screen of Orbiter v2, click this button and restore your wallet, by inputting your sec view and spend keys, etc.


Wallet v7 created new address, i have the text file, i will input the keys like you said, thanks very much for the help, regards