Multi-language wallet

Hey folks,

What do you think - as a community work - to help provide a multi-language wallet/marketplace app, where the user could select his preferred language in the settings. In my opinion, this would definitely help to gain mainstream adoption and easy use for newcomers in this tech or people who do not have much English knowledge. Once the v1 GUI wallet is out, people could come together and help translate.

As an example, I had the following languages in mind:
English (obviously), Spanish, Portuguese, German (I could provide translation), Russian, Chinese.

Let me know what you folks think of this idea, which languages should be included and which translations you could help to provide.



I think this is an awesome idea. I would gladly help with Polish translation.


I think there is no need for this . Anyone capable of downloading the wallet and being familiar with crypto knows great English.Despite that the products will and cannot been translated in an exact way.
I like that you think ahead , perhaps this would help asian nations. We will be glad to help if needed.

I disagree vehemently, sorry @Athan

English is not a global language, by any measure of significance. You’d be cutting off 80% of the world’s population, based on a quick google search…


With the idea of title markets and Safex Marketplace being easily available all around the globe I have in mind that there could be formed completely language isolated communities within the marketplace. Think of completely Chinese and Russian title markets with respective language and merchants/customers focused on that language (like in social media you have Russian and Chinese language apps with huge user bases). Those people would benefit greatly from a wallet app supporting their language.

Product descriptions are not being translated in my proposal - only basic descriptions (account balance, address book, send/receive button, etc.) settings and how-to’s within the app. My assumption is, that there will happen to be many different product descriptions in many different languages after some time. Users will flock to those markets, which language they understand.


i see your point Oli and i agree but as you said no products descriptions .
It will be great for every country to have their own MP in a way.
Let’s get it done.

PS We will also need the in multi-language so they will know what safex is and how it works.


Great idea, but I would have thought manually inserting different languages would not be necessary, as you will need to be connected to the internet and surely there is a way of inserting various programming language for developing the wallet. most common programming languages for crypto wallet development are C++, Python and Java so what you think?

Sorry, I don’t get your point. What do programming languages have to do with different languages displayed in the settings etc.? Okay, wallet does have to have internet connection in order to work with it, sure, I get that.

I mean surly there’s a way of programming the wallet to translate or maybe not I’m not into programming, sorry for any confusion

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Ok, got it. Yes, that might work out, too, but the manual translation from community native speakers is probably the more elegant way and will only add a few MB to the app depending on the number of implemented languages.

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Fair enough, again good idea and fair play for offering your time to translate

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This is a good idea, I love it

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What’s up Oli, Great idea, I assumed something like that was already implemented. I imagine Chinese would be the most valuable translation due to their large population.

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The golang wallet team were indeed making provision for multi language selection in the work they did, based on my limited reading of the code.

But as the golang wallet probably won’t be the first MP wallet to go live, it may not have that featureset from the outset.