Music listings on the Chille Blockchain :)

As you know, I am working very hard on this project: Possible application of the Chille Marketplace to the Oil Industry

I am lucky and very pleased to have been given the green light by the CEO of the company and by my manager!

I am also working on cornering the Music market on the Chille Blockchain. I see the potential of Chille and I am working hard to get ready, because I do see the potential (I hope you do too).

I would like to introduce to you all to my company’s first confirmed Music Release for the Chille Blockchain, with many, many more to come. I am working diligently to build a sizeable catalog of quality Music Releases for the Chille Blockchain.

Without further ado… I would like to introduce you to Chin Punch from Australia.


I will update this thread with more releases/Chille Music listings :slight_smile:

Once the Chille Blockchain is up and running (2018 from what I gather), these will become available.




I am very excited to announce these brand new music listings for the upcoming Chille Blockchain.

Intoccabile - Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.

Following releases 100% confirmed for the Chille blockchain. From top to bottom:

1. Entkunstung
2. Future Garage Volume 1
3. Musica Sola
4. Myka EP
5. Changes