SO ONCE AGAIN I ASK DEVS TO CLARIFY WHEN AND HOW IM GONA GET MY PENDING BALANCE COINS WHICH ARE ON PENDING STATUS ALREADY LIKE 4 DAYS , and i dont need answer they gona go back to your wallet , i need to know when it will happen ,as far as i see there are lot of people with this issue and devs need to adress this now … as i dosnt make all this coin looks werry good if devs cant take resposibilaty about the thigns that theyr product (wallet) caused …

you sound like a whiny baby

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Sorry this is not caused by our wallet, this is how blockchain network functions. Its arbitrary we already posted information explaining how this works.

sorry you are the creator of the wallet , and this coins are stuck in there … cause u cant make it simple enough … cant even send coins normaly to wallet and out of the wallet …

The user experience has nothing to do with the congestion of the bitcoin network. Even our recommended fee it would be 100% possible this would be happening to you.

In v0.0.2 coming up there are many UI configurations that make life easier to use the Safex Wallet, but they still will never prevent this situation and there is no bitcoin wallet on earth that will guarantee that network congestion or fee decisions will not affect the user.

The big difference however, is that we’re willing to take the time to explain to you how it works.

well as far as i know , any other wallet had no isuess transfering my coins to another wallet … fee was determined by the wallet and all worked good … in your wallet its not like that … when i entered my coins how much i want to transfer yur wallet showed fee of 0.0001 and now its my bad that i didnt guess what was the riggt fee to get my funds trasfered right ? and now they are stuck somewhere for 6 days allready … how grate is that

^^ point is here, how many times we have to apologize to you?

We have already addressed the issue, I would appreciate that you STOP complaining like this it is distracting, and it is not productive. Please stop we’ve addressed you now 20 times.

What happens to transaction that don’t get confirmed ever?

Basically transactions stay in “limbo” (i.e. the mempool) until they are included in a block. However, if a transaction stays inside the mempool for too long the different computers holding it (Bitcoin nodes) may just drop it from their system. In this case the transaction will be canceled.

Some wallets may try to rebroadcast an expired transaction and therefor it will stay inside the mempool for a long time until some miner decides to have pity on your soul and include it

well i get that u are sorry bla bla bla but that dosnt make my coins come back … period

you have no reason to be here, bye