My Safex jouney back round to the beginning

What can I say? Been doing a tiny bit of buying alts since discovering them about 5 weeks ago. I have a decent gaming rig so thought I’d try a little mining and researching it introduced my to the world of alt coins and it has been amazing - so refreshing and a chance to blow away a few cobwebs in the brain.

First purchased a few Lisk, second - a tiny bit of Iota and then I discovered what FOMO and FUD were through Safex.

With all the YT vids and not even knowing what pumps were by YT’bers - so yeah, I chewed on that fat bit of FOMO like I hadn’t eaten for a year. I spent the half a btc I had bought with the plan to hold long on Safex just before the wallet dropped, so when the price started to drop, I started the freshie panic almost immediately, scoured reddit and found something called FUD pretty much for the first time (by now, I had been aware pf crypto for about 5 to 10 days). I then proceeded to chew and swallow that like I hadn’t eaten for 10 years! Sold at over 50% loss and wasted so much more by splitting the recovered amount between more YT FOMO pumps which then tanked anyway. Also bought some more Iota - which dropped for consolidation. Plus, spent an Ether on a new pre-ICO which has pure scam written over it and lastly, just potentially lost a grand and a half on Bytom (not doing to good here, am I?).

But I found myself constantly checking the Safex price - reading more about it - I think after sampling other projects it was just more and more clear that Safex is exactly what I was looking for. A solid project with a solid dev and consise team. A project with all its intricacies, is something that appeals to a layman like myself. As someone who has been following alt-media and speakers since 2001 and having an idea of the monumental transition which we may all be facing soon, the idea an alternative to centralised trade with anonymity is something that I think has the potential to be so far reaching.

I watched the video of Daniel and Milan discussing the wallet issues and I thought ok, sure It’s marketing comms damage limitation, but how many other videos like that are out there from devs? I think it takes balls to admit your mistakes publicly -that to me is a dev I can believe in.

So I jumped back in a few days ago. I’m done with checking the charts every 30 mins, I’m done with the FUDsters and FOMO YTubers who are just a basic source of info now as they jump from one pump coin to another. I still subscribe to the ones that have good, solid balances views.

So to all the new guys like myself who may have similar experiences ( I hope not), don’t worry, take your time and after 4-5 weeks I now understand what the advice of find a project that you can see real potential in means.

Yeah, I’m hoping Lisk goes big and Iota becomes the revolution it’s aiming for, but I think Safex is going to be the one that will always mean the most to me.

Boat Drinks to all my Safex’ers.


What a fascinating story! Can’t say that the journey on this side is similar, but I appreciate your willingness to share.

SAFEX is a project that has struck me from the beginning as both a financial and social experiment, something that seems resonant in a part of the world that has struggled with some of the challenges I sense Blockchain was developed to address. Having a project emerge from this environment appears to give it a strength of character that other projects might not be able to muster, say, from a Silicon Valley location, for example.

Serbia is a land that can indeed benefit from the potential of this project. And being a participant in a project that can benefit the local people, alongside investors like us, and vendors & consumers - all of these elements bring a promise of more than just another Blockchain cryptocurrency. The weeks ahead will tell us much more, of course. Glad to have you along for the journey.

And thanks, again, for sharing.

I did something similar, sort of. I bought 48k SAFEX at .007, saw a nearly 5-fold increase when it shot up to .3, then went in with .5 BTC at .27. I’m not selling because I can’t afford to lose the $2k+ I would lose if I did. In the meantime, I feel pretty good about the SAFEX project and the people behind it. It’s pretty clear they’re working hard to get things up and running so I can wait for the long term. You’re smart to wait. I’m new to cryptos, too, and plan to completely stop looking at charts for the next month and let my portfolio do its thing. Everything I have looks solid, with SAFEX being the only one I consider sort of a gamble. Patience, I find, is the best virtue in this sort of thing.

I just wanted to add one more thing: in three months of doing cryptos I’ve made some mistakes but still as of yesterday I had made about a 10% profit on my original investment. The last 24 hours have probably erased those gains, but it’s only temporary. At one point in July I was 35% underwater in my portfolio, but I just sat tight and things went back up in August. I’m in it for the long run, and have invested in 5 altcoins I feel have legs, in addition to the big 3, which represent about 60% of my total investment. These guys on YT with their videos talking about making $100k after a $5k investment are either very talented traders or just got lucky earlier in the year with a timely investment in Ethereum. I don’t have the time, talent, or stomach for frequent trading, and am content to let my money do its thing during the ups and downs of the market. Today it’s down, tomorrow it will be up, and up higher than its previous high.

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