Need Help with BTC address

Hello there

I was lucky to be one of early adopters and bought into CF, not much but bought some SEC and for this purpose i used my bitcoin address.
I received my SEC from initial distribution, happy to be holder of small portion tokens.
Now about my problem, without thinking much i upgraded my blockchain wallet to new beta and since then i cant access my original privkey to import to omniweb wallet. You are probably asking how is that possible, well my BTC receiving address is being showed on my blockchain wallet and i can see privkey associated to my address but the thing is this privkey (in Base58 format) belongs to different BTC address and not to my original!?!
Now i am not sure but i was using to convert my Base58 privkey to HEX (<-- maybe i missed something here???) and was importing to omni web wallet but that HEX privkey belongs to different BTC address not associated to mine original & without any funds… you may ask why i don’t have any backup of my blockchain wallet, well the thing is i saw blockchain was doing that on regular basis (weekly i think) and was naive enough to think if i ever need to i can just restore the last backup but since upgrade to beta i don’t have access to those backups anymore -.- (irony).
i already wrote to blockchain support but after one week still no reply on this matter, maybe you guys have some tips or idea what can i do in this situation?
should i just wait until blockchain hopefully fixes bugs… contact them again and again, i saw on bitcointalk forum that blockchain does not support downgrading to version 3 after upgrade to beta wallet.

if i don’t find any solution i guess i will end up buying some SEC losing my 10% early adopter bonus and paying a lot higher price…

your suggestions and help is appreciated.


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I just recreated made a wallet and tried the beta, can’t get at the private key… they may have no included it anywhere

I’m not sure that’s the private key you have there could be just the xPub -> need to get the to allow you to get at your private key; very peculiar that you can not.

If you have copy of the email of those backups, don’t they have the private keys in there?

thx ddabek for your reply, the issue is with imported addresses the ones i used on older version not the new wallet. i can see the privkey but can’t import it to omni wallet to send SEC because blockchain is using this Base58 aes version of the key + encrypted.
i was able to test my BTC address and i could spend bitcoin so privkey is valid but i couldn’t find a way to convert privkey to bitcoin-qt format and been lurking to find tool to do so. with old blockchain version i could just dumpprivkey on every format i wanted but this function is still not implemented into beta so i am stuck for now. maybe that’s a good thing :stuck_out_tongue: who knows what will SEC be valued at in few months from now.
in any case if someone still has some kind of scrypt or tool to share so i can convert my blockchain privkey to format recognized by omni i would really appreciate your help.
or is there any other way to move SEC other than omni web wallet?


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this happened to me before, like you’re asking which tool to use; careful with that incase the website phishes your private key;

and then next

also this from omni a desktop wallet, and I’ll see what I can think of today to get past the issue

thanks @ddabek I’ll give this a go

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issue finally resolved, long story short:

new BETA wallet doesent support dumping privkey on various formats so what u get is base58 commpresed and not portable to omni web wallet.
what i did is imported commpresed privkey into mobile wallet (android) and made backup of the seed, than imported seed into OLD wallet and dumped my privkey uncommpresed into bitcoin-qt format and recovered my funds.

so now i am proud to have access to mine SEC now.
thanks all for help especially @ddabek


I spent a lot of time trying to import private keys produced by new’s wallet into bitcoin-core. Now it seems that I’ve found a way.

  1. Go to
  2. Choose source encoding as Base58
  3. Enter exported key
  4. Choose “Convert To” B58Check
  5. Copy Result into clipboard
  6. Use it with importprivkey in bitcoin-core.

PS: you can do all these steps except of 1st with network connection switched OFF.

Good luck.

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Indeed let’s you choose the export format:

Hi! You have screenshoted UI of old good know BCi/wallet. Now they do new UI that has much less features than previous. In new UI they don’t have such options.

you mean it has been phased out completely…? my recommendation, cease using

exactly, that was originally my problem… i solved it by using mobile blockchain wallet but Valentins method is more diligent way of doing it. thanks

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sry for bringing this old thread up but just short update, looks like finnaly beta wallet resolved issue and now privkey can be exported on more than one format.

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