Need some consulting help w/TWM Wallet/Keys

I’ve held safex since '17. I migrated to the new blockchain on time. I could log into the v0.0.7 wallet and see my tokens available a year ago.

I keep up with updates on twitter/Youtube but lost access to discord somehow.

Did I miss anything? I have my seed phrase, public, spend, view keys but when I log into twm new version, it shows 0 balance…

What did I miss?

I would be willing to pay a fee for a phone consult vs going back and forth on forums, because of the time aspect. This is obviously very much a process since inception and you can easily lose track, data, etc. In my case, I can’t see how I lost my coins post migration and no one compromised my data.

Aussiecloth, if you see this and would be open to a call, let me know. Thanks all.


Hit me up in a dm. If I can’t get you sorted by written chat, we can likely find a time for a call.


But the one thing I would recommend first is:

  • check the Safex address you restored is the same as the one that was in your old v7 Migration table.
  • to hit the Hard Rescan button in TWM and then walk away for at least an hour and don’t touch it.

Aussiesloth, appreciate the fast reply.

Best place to DM? Couldn’t find on here.

So, right now I have hit the hard rescan and it’s only been 1 hr. Using a Mac Pro newer model.

Perhaps not relevant the last time I verified migration tablet, all balance was there with new safex address and additional keys.

Appreciate any and all help