New Release TWM v1.6.0

New TWM wallet available for download!

Click the caption below to access:

Incorporates the addition of a novel feature that enables search by seller or keyword!

Nice job Safex Team!

And, thanks :+1:


I searched Ryzen 9 3900x, I didn’t expect it to pop up but If it did I could spend mined cash to buy mining equipment to mine more SFX. That’s a good thing.


Being an habitual online shopper for many many a years I know how important a search engine is !

This is a very good thing !


Its really helpful!

Some ecommerce websites, most of the major brands and retailers out there employ a filter. Ironically, I always resort to using a search engine if they have one. I have better luck with search engines as the use of keywords makes for them being faster and more precise.

Filters can be really helpful though, especially if you’re only looking for a specific brand or price range. What’s great about TWM and is that Dan Dabek can tailor it anyway he thinks it needs to be or as he sees fit; and he has always been willing to take in input from the community!!