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To me, growing up in the Midwest or the u.s. it is like river boat casinos. We used to have casinos that could bypass tax laws being on an interstate water way on an international route (connecting riverway to say the Mississippi that connects canda and Mexico). Sure, it didn’t last but govt in turn did work with instead of destroy knowing there was a lot of gain to working with the loophole. They eventually outlawed water gambling but allowed the casino boat to gamble while docked and if I am not wrong, gave a break somewhere where the casinos, (land based but normally still a native reservation of state law) decided it was good on both fronts to dock the boats but still gamble on them. As far fetched as this is, it hasn’t not been done before. If there is a global movement to push crypto and test a market of a “small microcountry” the next step is this for broadcasting usecase and introducing how a country can survive decentralized. For those of us believing we can colinize Mars, space colonies, moon bases to go further, look to reach our boundries beyond government border or trying to destroy each other of imaginary land borders and a cash system of power this is the next step and a showcase of the good side of crypto. I’m excited to see the excitement this stirs up.

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Well, your example just shows that even if you are bypassing the laws you are still vulnerable to the regulations. In case of Liberland, it is being vulnerable to military invasion from either side. There has been no diplomatic recognition of Liberland by any country which means this country is now just bypassing the international law by staying on theoretically unclaimed land but it can change any day. And I said theoretically unclaimed because it was a matter of Serbian-Croatian dispute for a long time before Liberland but has never been resolved due to the low priority. We also have to bear in minds that Serbia and Croatia were formed as a result of military conflict in Yugoslavia in the early 1990s, which led to Breakup (Yugoslavia split to few countries including Serbia and Croatia). It all happened relatively not long ago so the region isn’t utterly stable yet and there is a lot of tension between those countries, which was actually mentioned by Dan in the interview.

BTW your nick sounds very Polish :slight_smile:

Exactly. Now if SAFEX was the official currency of Liberland and Liberland was invaded in case of a centralized system, the invading government could disrupt the (theoretical) economy of the invaded country by massprinting money or doing god knows what with it. However with an anonymous, decentralized system, money stays whit people still living wherever they are in the world. Liberland economy still keeps on functioning without the physical state itself. Wow. Now, this is something big players like Russia are realizing and trying to get on, of course with their sets of rules and regulations. This is why it is necessary to keep projects like SAFEX alive and kicking, for the benefit of the little (wo)man! :slight_smile:


That page looks awesome the highlighted green caught my eye straight away which prompted me to read that whole secton first well done :slight_smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

This reminds me of Thor: Ragnarok when Odin was comforting Thor on the eventual demise of their home city Asgard. The father wisely said that Asgard is a people, not a place.

Even if Liberland doesn’t become a legitimate place, the idea of a free country will still live on.


amazing good work

Are we supposed to be getting any updates tonight/tomorrow? Or any time soon?

Looks much better than the current site

Next week is going to be video of alpha working


:point_right:t3:this guy :point_left:t3: is very anxious!


Thanks! Is this On the discord?

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Yes, discord

Is that accessible via cell phone/app? Or only desktops/browsers?

Just search for the discord app in Google play or app store.

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This is the same as the gamers discord! I always see screen shots of the chat but not never logged in.

Is there a channel name or #?

you need to be invited to the discord group

here’s an invite link good for next 24 hours.