New website and Blue Paper is out

The blue paper is available in one of the sections.


Nice, might just be my PC< but once the site is loaded, it’s very slow to scroll around, seems to take a lot of resources?

For me it’s working smoothly, like any other website. I also checked RAM and CPU usage for the website and looks pretty much like any other website. Maybe try updating browser.

I think the incentive calculator is broken

Yeah must be my PC, site works OK on my phone.

Just to give my 2 c(abrals). I thought the paper was concise and clear. It was so refreshing to read what is essentially an introduction to the concept and not be left wondering what service is being offered or what problem is being solved. Which is often the case when first researching a new coin. Good job Dan, Ivana and team. Time to kick back and watch the show.

Also… The new website is a massive improvement :+1:


Looks very good, I read it in one breath !!
New website is very creative, love it !

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Is the calculator broken for anyone? the default annual yield seems very low too

Yup, its bug and its reported. Team is working on it

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Did @dandabek mention a bug bounty in his interview today?

I’ll take Safex as payment :stuck_out_tongue:

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what interview? :slight_smile:

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Thank you! The title is veeery promising! I’ll watch it right away :slight_smile:

lol, according to interview Dan has 26 years, grew up in New Jersey but his roots are Polish but for some reason he lives in Serbia, oh jeeez :joy::joy::joy:

The new website lacks a bit of oomph in content, theres nothing in the top hero section overviewing safex… And needs a little bit more impact in my opinion… I spent a bit of time this weekend drafting what i think might work well, added in a section with a visual overview of the safex blockchain and things. Hope it doesnt bother anyone that im going to post it here, not being critical or anything, just thought i would share my thoughts on the website. :slight_smile:



Very nice! Especially the first part which quickly explains what SAFEX offers, I’m missing this on current website.
@dandabek Perhaps take this new design add-ons into consideration.


I totally agree that’s definitely something to consider adapting to a new website. basically gives you an insight into what SAFEX does in 10 seconds.


No worries @salvatoreone It was a very informative interview. I didn’t know Dan grew up in NJ either. Great to know he was involved in the SF scene with other great BTC minds. I feel even better now knowing I’ve invested in Safex!

The part about Liberland is very unique with respect to Safex, not many coins have that opportunity.

I can forese Safex HQ moving to Liberland in the future.


This topic was brought up on the forum the other day and the problem is Liberland is now being ignored by Serbia and Croatia but they can basically raid it any day and there is nobody to defend Liberland. So it’s very illusory safety and decentralisation as it’s actually dependent on its neighbours.

However, I like the idea as well, it’s worth giving it a shot.

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Do you have a link to that topic? Couldn’t find it in search