New Xcalibra KYC rules

Hi, is anyone familiar with the new KYC rules introduced by Xcalibra?

I understand this must be completed by the 20th of this month. What happens if you cant get it done by the 20th and you have SFX on Xcalibra? I have a family member out of the country who may not be able to complete the KYC by then.

Thanks for any help.

Got a link? I can’t see any recent/new KYC requirements.

I just had a look myself and I may have my wires crossed with another exchange.

I was sure though that it was Xcalibra!.. And no I cant find an email indicating this at all. I have been meaning to ask the question since well before Xmas so I could very well have got it wrong.

Thank anyway, I appreciate you getting back to me on it!

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