Newbie alert

Hi Safexers, Firstly , thanks for having me.
I am not too sharp with a computer and even dumber as a crypto learner. I really need to ask for some help before I bury myself further.
I have a Safex wallet on coinspot . Its An Australain exchange. When I try to send my safex balance to my new Safex wallet , it asks me for a destination Address. Yes i know , dumb question . Is my address the key generated when I created my account? Secondly , I have never owned any bitcoin , nor can I afford to buy any, Does this mean my coins cant be transferred?


The red arrow indicates the destination address where you send your SAFEX (Obviously you will have your own destination address - this is mine, don’t send there). You don’t need to have any BTC in your account, unless your exchange doesn’t take the transfer fee from the SAFEX amount you transfer, but specifically asks for BTC. When the transfer is completed you will end up with the SAFEX coins in your SAFEX wallet and a few satoshi’s in BTC (dust).

Also see this link:

Just a suggestion: transfer the minimum amount of SAFEX first as a confidence builder.

Good luck!


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Thanks for your help. I am sending to safex wallet from another exchange , so Im not in the safex wallet while sending.
Anyways , seems I sent 90000 safex to the wrong address as I accidentally added a letter, Not a good start and possibly an omen i guess.
Thanks again for your help
What happens to the safex I sent to the non existent key , It has left my exchange account, Gone to cyberspace?

Sorry to hear that, but indeed… they are gone.

so … are they gone from the supply? I try to use the address I sent them to and its says non existent address, Where do they go , and what happens to the supply?

I am not familiar with your exchange, but if the exchange already indicates ‘non existent address’ normally the transfer shouldn’t go - your exchange should protect you at least from that. Also not too familiar with sending to the wrong address, but you might be lucky and see they aren’t transferred at all from your account. Take the destination address from your history (in your exchange) and see whatever happened to it on:

If the transaction was made… they are gone and the supply is now total supply minus 90k SAFEX

I want my mummy :sob:

Thanks Again dogberry for taking the time to try and help me. I hope my case is a red flag to all who are using the waller for the first time. As “dogberry” suggested, " make a tiny , test transaction" to make sure youve got it all right.
Lastly , Im happy to say , that Coinspot, cancelled the transaction I screwed up , and sent the Safex back to my exchange wallet. Very lucky indeed , and the baptism by fire that I needed.

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Glad this happened, now that I read the thread I wanted to say… in most cases adding a letter would invalidate the address. Really glad to hear this news that coinspot came through for you.