Newbie here Staking SAFEX?

Hello when the new wallet comes out, can we use stacking or is it another type of mining


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Hi @RichyRich,

@TomDillon was just pointing out that Discord is a great resource to ask questions and get answers in real time. It is active 24/7.

Dan Dabek has said that the next release of the Safex Wallet will be version 7, which will make available 1-click mining. You download and install the wallet and have the option to sign on with a mining pool with just 1-click. All Safex Cash is POW (i.e., proof of work mining), not staking.

Please check out the Safex News website that maintains and active mining pool that you can participate in.

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Thanks Jcasaie went right over my head


1 click mining would be great, but a wallet, which you can use without needing to disable antivirus, would be a dream come true.


Safex is a proof-of-works cryptocurrency. So the blockchain runs in the typical mining fashion. It is not a proof-of-stake blockchain, which is what stacking ususally referrs to.

With Safex, the ability to “lock in” Safex Tokens to earn dividends from the future marketplace is often confused for a proof-of-stake/staking blockchain. It’s still a PoW Mining Blockchain, but will have a special function that acts similiar to PoS stacking.

The lock-in/dividends feature is to be added in the near future.